The Benefits Of Installing Water Sub-Meters

Water sub meters help water utility companies find water leaks easily and much more accurately.

Water detected in the water mains is not always water that’s been wasted, water might leak from a water main into a basement or crawlspace, for example. An undetected water leak could result in high water bills from water that was intended to be used by one household being sent down a pipe shared by several households.

Water leaks can also cause major damage to the surrounding areas of the water service line if they aren’t fixed quickly. Water leaking underground can erode soil and create sinkholes, causing expensive repairs to roads and foundations near the leaky water main. 

Perhaps the biggest water waste when water passes through water mains is when water leaks from water service lines. It costs utilities companies a significant amount of money to deliver water that isn’t used by customers, and finding water leaks in water service lines can be difficult because they’re not readily visible. 

Water sub meters allow you to see how much water your property uses, and if there’s a significant change in water usage at certain times of the day or night. An unexplained increase in water usage is a sign that you might have a leak in your water service line and it should be inspected by a professional plumber so it can be quickly repaired before damage is done to surrounding areas.

Water sub meters also allow homeowners to get accurate information concerning water costs for water that they intend to use, and water that they pay for but don’t actually use.

They can also be an effective tool against water theft. A water sub meter will allow you to measure the water usage of each individual or family living on your property. People who are stealing water by letting it pour out onto the ground or down a storm drain will have no place to hide once their water sub meters are installed because water service lines are visible with water sub metering systems. Water charges are usually divided equally between all occupants of a household, so even if it’s not clear which person is responsible for water leaks or waste, there won’t be any issues concerning “who used how much water”.

Water sub meters provide accurate water meter readings without water needing to be turned on. Water utilities companies appreciate that water sub meters save water and money, and most water utilities will offer a rebate or discount on water charges for homes with water sub meters installed.

There are many benefits to water sub metering systems for homeowners, even if they don’t have high water use. One person’s actions can cause significant damage to a property when water is involved, so it’s important to find and fix leaks quickly before they get out of control. Having an accurate picture of how much water you’re using enables you to better monitor your water usage, which also helps you identify any irregularities in your water usage patterns which might indicate problems such as a leak somewhere inside or outside your home. It’s also good to know exactly how much water you’re paying for, especially if there are multiple members of your household who might water the garden or water the lawn excessively because they don’t want to pay for water.

Water sub meters are an easy way to save money on water bills by cutting water waste, identifying water leaks before significant damage is done, and detecting water theft.