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Here at Neptune Design we provide SEO services in Melbourne that are transparent – Visit us for more at

We will guide you through our 3 months SEO campaign and generate monthly report and on-going support so you can understand our process. We don’t hold on to secrets with our clients.

Our Top 3 SEO Strategy

#1 – Keyword Research

We will spend our time analysing and grouping keywords that will best suit your online business to make sure you succeed and start climbing the ladder on Google search engine.

We will look into the volume of searches per month and compare them to how competitive each keywords can be. The higher the search volume the higher your competition will be. It’s important to understand this before we began our SEO services.

#2 – User Experience & On-page Optimisation

Your website is obviously one of the important assets to your business, it’s considered one of the faces for your company. Thus, your webpage must be mobile friendly for SEO to work properly. Most importantly providing your customer’s with a better experience across multiple platforms such as smart phones, tablets and desktops.

Once your website is looking great we will look at implementing on-page optimisation for our selected keywords. On-site optimisation must be done right – things we will looking as part of our SEO are:

– Page titles
– Headings
– Images
– Links
– Videos

We will carefully come up with an SEO content strategy for specific pages to target our chosen keywords. Visit our Content Driven SEO website here –

#3 – Off-page SEO, Share & Grow

We know that you cannot be a popular kid in school if you don’t have friends! As for your website we need friends also from other related websites so you can stand out with Google engine.

Generate great content, infographics and videos so you can share with your community via social media, email and online marketing such as Pay Per Click.

In Summary

We considered ourselves as an SEO expert in Melbourne – Visit us at – We are locally based SEO company in Melbourne and all of our work are done right here in HQ in Heidelberg West.

SEO Training in Melbourne

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