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If you are looking for a local SEO Melbourne Agency please go here This video is an example of how a digital marketing consultant can provide the help that business needs to grow. SEO marketing services can be applied to any businesses in any industries.

This is Jack, after working for ACE Plumbing for 10 years he decided to go out on his own and open his own plumbing company. But after opening for a few months he is struggling to find new customers for his company. He is close to giving up by closing the company and going back to work with ACE.

This is Sarah, she is a search marketing consultant. She helps small businesses getting new customers by making sure search engines like Google and Bing know that they exist. She knows that if a business that is not on page 1 it’s like a business located in the middle of a desert, little chance of thriving and growing.

Luckily Jack was introduced to Sarah by a mutual friend and after a few short weeks, his business is beginning to grow because of the new customers he got from his website and the traffic that she brought to him from Google.

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