What is a sub-meter for water

A water sub-meter measures water usage in your home. This device can help you monitor water use in your home and address water leaks that are decreasing the water pressure for other homes on your water line. You can also determine how much water is used by each appliance, which helps to identify problem areas in your home’s plumbing system.

A water sub-meter costs between $200 – $500, with an average cost of around $300. Most companies charge about one or two dollars per day to monitor the water usage of one household. Of course, there may be additional installation charges, which typically run between $120 -$140. Some areas require you to apply for a permit before the water company can install it. If you are not required to have a water sub-meter, water companies typically provide water meters free of charge.

The water sub-meter is read just like your water meter outside the house. A water sub-meter keeps track of how much water flows through its device. It can be installed on an exterior wall near your water main or directly into the water line coming into your home for indoor installation.

Most localities require that all homes have water meters in order to determine who might be wasting water and causing low pressure problems for their neighbors’ supply lines. But installing a water sub-meter does mean added costs, either in the form of monthly fees or installation charges, to ensure you are using only what you need.